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I Love Fooooood!

So I take a lot of pictures of my dinner and lunch for two reasons! One because I want to remember roughly what I ate when it was delicious and two I like to share.

This week has been a belter for weather and food and the below are three recipes that are cheap, easy and delicious. I mean do I even need to describe the first. Go to the supermarket and buy packaged mackerel and serve with tomatoes, rocket and some protein bread (Lidl). Job done.

Number two is simply salmon marinated in soy, ginger, garlic, honey and lemon juice. Served with some baby spinach and chopped red peppers which were cooked in a dry pan for about 5 minutes.

Finally this summer tortilla is epic and you've probably seen it on Insta or FB. Get a bowl and throw in any veg! I went for cucumber, tomatoes, baby spinach, mango, mint, yellow pepper, 1 red chilli and added some feta and prawns. Stir it up. Add a squeeze of lime and a drizzle of olive oil. Microwave some multispeed tortillas and eat.

Seriously guys we are talking 5 to 10 minutes prep to make these and about 3 minutes to eat them


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