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3 Quick, Easy and Simple Healthy Eats

Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner - DONE!

I work on the go so having simple healthy and filling food is vital for me to stay energised and fit for work. As I was asked to share in more detail here you go:

Breakfast: My Protein Golden Syrup Protein Pancakes with Lidl Skyr Yoghurt & Blueberries

Lunch: Smoked Salmon, Cheery Tomatoes, 2 poached eggs and asparagus (TIP: wrap asparagus in wet paper towel and microwave for about 20-30 seconds. Saves a pan and done in record time)

Dinner: Skin on sweet potato wedges (little salt/pepper and cayenne pepper or paprika), peas and pan fried salmon fillet)

These are all delicious, clean and healthy eats with excellent macros so get the ingredients purchased and enjoy

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