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Although we have tried to make everything as easy as possible some questions will always remain! We are looking forward to helping you out. However, before reaching out to us please check the below list of most frequently asked questions. This will give us more time to answer specifics and it saves you time waiting for our reply.

  • How do I book online?
    We’ve partnered with ClassForKids to give you an easy to use, modern and secure online booking system. You will be able to book from anywhere, anytime, on any device, when it’s convenient for you. It will take less than a minute to make the first booking and to see our upcoming sessions you can visit the "Book Online" section of our website or click this link ​​
  • What is your cancellation policy?
    If you wish to cancel your booking, please note the following cancellation policy: 1. To receive a full refund, minus any processing fees, you must provide Fit4Fun with a minimum of 5 working days' notice. 2. If you are unable to provide 5 working days' notice but still wish to cancel, you must provide Fit4Fun with a minimum of 1 working day's (24 hours) notice. In this case, you will receive credit that can be used for an alternative date or time, and it can also be transferred to another party, subject to management discretion. 3. If you are unable to provide 1-5 days' notice and still wish to cancel, the issuance of credit will be at the discretion of management. 4. If you do not attend a session you have booked without informing Fit4Fun ("no show"), you may be charged in full for all reserved places. 5. If Fit4Fun is required to cancel a session you have booked, we will refund or credit you in full for that session, including fees. However, we are not responsible for any additional costs you may incur due to this cancellation."
  • Can anyone attend a Fit4Fun session?
    Our age range for our Schools Out holiday camp is advertised as 5-11 years old, although we welcome any child provided they attend primary school and are fully toilet trained. For our after-school and before-school clubs, we advertise specific age ranges that are either determined by us or by the school itself. These are made visible on the booking pages on Class for Kids here: It's important to note that our holiday camps are open to children from any school, while our before and after-school clubs are delivered exclusively on the school site and are intended for its pupils.
  • How do Schools Out holiday camps work?
    Our certified, Ofsted registered, and approved provider coaches have planned a thrilling day packed with activities such as Football, Dodgeball, Ultimate Frisbee, Archery, Basketball, Tennis, Golf, Badminton, and much more. Sessions kick off at 8.30 am and wrap up at 17.00. However, if you require an earlier drop-off or a later pick-up, please don't hesitate to contact us! If you've selected the half-day option, please be aware that we'll meet you in reception at either 12.30 pm for collection or 13.00 pm for drop off. Contact Information: You can reach the South Hunsley Schools Out Holiday camp at 07842617251. Since this phone stays on-site throughout the day, use this number to arrange alternative pick-up and drop-off times, as well as check-ins during camp hours. Due to poor signal reception inside the center, we encourage you to contact us through WhatsApp, Apple voice, and messaging. We've compiled a brief list of items your child may need for clubs, both during and after school hours. Please choose items appropriately based on the club and the time of year your child will be attending. 1. Indoor/outdoor footwear 2. Suitable clothing 3. Medication and inhalers 4. A drinks bottle 5. Packed lunch and snacks for the day 6. Sunscreen 7. Towel and change of clothes 8. A beanie hat/sun hat 9. Face mask (optional) 10. Hand sanitizer (optional) Medication: If your child has allergies, a medical condition, or requires medication, please inform us via email or text, specifying the dosage and administration schedule. If Fit4Fun does not receive this information, we will assume that your child can self-administer their medication (unless unconscious). Additionally, children requiring medication will NOT be allowed to enter the holiday camp unless they arrive on-site with their medication readily accessible. Coaches will verify this before signing the child in. Timings: For drop-off and pick-up, please be as punctual as possible and remain on-site with your child until your scheduled time. If you've arranged to arrive after the 8.30 am drop-off time or before the 17.00 pm pick-up time, please wait patiently until a coach can collect your child from the designated meeting point. Payment: Payment for your camp booking is due in advance, and it must be made before the first day of your camp reservation. Failure to submit payment in a timely manner may result in your place being allocated to another participant.
  • How do I get in touch?
    As we are typically occupied with coaching, the most effective way to reach us is via email. Please leave your details and any questions in our inbox, and we will do our best to respond promptly. Our email addresses are provided below for your convenience General Enquiries: Schools Out @ South Hunsley: Safeguarding & Child Protection: If you prefer to speak with us over the phone, kindly leave a brief voicemail message at the number below, and we will promptly return your call. Please note that we are unable to answer calls during school hours, so we kindly ask that you make only one call. We assure you that we will return your call at our earliest convenience :) General Enquiries: 07736934743 Schools Out @ South Hunsley: 07842617251
  • What sports do you deliver?
    We cover a wide variety of sports! Click this link to check them all out
  • What food is included in the HAF funded sessions?
    The HAF funded meals meals are provided by a fantastic company called Cook which can be found here. These convenient, hand-prepared meals offer the same quality of ingredients you’d use at home meaning there’s no nasty additives, added salt and there’s at least one of their 5-a-day in every kids meal, too. To view a full list of the options please visit this link:
  • Are you on social media?
    Yes we are! You can check out our profiles here. Facebook: Instagram: @fit4fun_online Twitter: @fit4fun_online Class4Kids:
  • Do you offer sibling discounts?
    Currently we do not offer sibling discounts but we do offer 20% off when booking 4 consecutive days Monday to Thursday or Tuesday to Friday. We are striving to keep our prices as low as posisble and do offer free HAF (Holiday Activities & Food programme) funded places across certain school holidays. These places are targeted towards those children on income support related free school meals and include a free healthy lunch each day.
  • What are HAF funded places and am I eligible?
    The Holiday Activities and Food Programme (HAF) aims to provide children and young people, who receive benefit-related free school meals in East Riding of Yorkshire schools, with free fun activities across the school holidays. To book onto the Fit4Fun HAF funded spaces your child must be in school from YR (Reception) to Y7 (inclusive) and be able to use the toilet independently. We have 15 spaces available each day and all names of participants will be checked against a centralised database by the ERYC. The Department for Education have set attendance limits on the number of free activities you can book in the holidays. If places are available, parents/carers can book their child or young people onto 4 sessions in the Easter and Christmas holidays and 16 sessions in the summer. Some organisations, like Fit4Fun, offer payable places too alongside free HAF spaces. If you feel you may qualify for benefits related free school meals, the quickest way is by calling (01482) 394799 or by visiting a Customer Service Centre. All you need is your National Insurance number or registered asylum seekers number. All children in reception to Year 2 automatically receive school meals, but please note, the programme is predominately for those on benefits related free school meals. Please check the link below for more information:
  • Can my child bring their own sports equipment?
    Fit4Fun provide all equipment for the sessions we deliver. In the event you, the customer, decide to bring your own equipment and personal property to our sessions you agree to accept full responsibility for all damages that may occur. Fit4Fun accept that equipment and damage may occur through sensible and regular use across each session. In the event your child misuses, deliberately damages or removes equipment from our sessions without permission you agree to replace the item(s) in question.
  • How do Fit4Fun after school clubs work?
    Our afterschool clubs are not only designed to be fun and engaging for the children but also to make parents' lives a little easier. Our coaches will collect your children and their belongings directly from the classroom and meet you at the usual school pick-up points at the end of the session. This means parents do not need to come into the school at the end of the day for the handover to our coaches. After the club has concluded, we will ensure that all children have their belongings and meet you at the designated meeting point. We kindly request that you ensure your child has a refillable drinks bottle and is dressed in appropriate footwear/clothing for the club they are attending.
  • How do Fit4Fun before school clubs work?
    Fit4Fun breakfast clubs offer a fun sports session before the school day ensuring parents can get to work on time and beat the traffic! Although we are not able to provide food or drink children are allowed to bring a light snack to have on their way to registration. To ensure your child is prepared, please have them arrive in comfortable and suitable sports clothing, ready to participate in the session. Additionally, ensure that your child's school uniform is packed and ready for them to change into at the end of the session. Our team will make sure your child is promptly delivered to their classroom in time for registration, ensuring they are energized and prepared for the school day. There is no need for you to return to the school after dropping them off! If you are unsure of the meeting point for your childs club please ask the school, check promotional material or email us at
  • Can I pay via tax free childcare or childcare vouchers?
    Yes! We are registered with a wide range of tax free childcare companies which are all listed below. You will also receive a copy of this to your inbox after you checkout. Computer Share: 0023629119 Eden Red: P21113214 Childcare Choices TFC (GOV): Schools Out @ South Hunsley EY540835 Fair Care: FIT40917 RG Childcare: 58889433426 Busy Bees/Bravo Benefits: Fit4Fun Schools Out Fideliti: Fit4Fun123 Apple Childcare: CA00010338 Care-4: 84832163 Salary Exchange Carers: TRP0013294 Kiddy Vouchers: RP540834 Sodexo Vouchers: 890741 Co-operative Childcare: 85118816 Linking Up: EY540835 Enjoy Benefits: Fit4Fun EYV007EB PES: 07180 Gemelli: FI6103 Flexible Benefits: 85118816 Childcare Grant Payment Service: CCG4572573
  • How do I reference my payment?
    Please locate the correct payment reference from the list below and include this, along with the SURNAME of the child attending when completing any method of payment. If you are unsure which one to use just e-mail us at and we will guide you through it! All Saints Junior School: ALLS All Saints Infant School: ALLI Tranby Prep School: TRAN South Cave School: SOCA Schools Out @ South Hunsley (Holidays): SOHU Swanland School: SWAN Hunsley Primary School: HUNS Welton Primary School: WELT Keldmarsh Primary School: KELD Eastrington Primary School: EAST North Ferriby Primary School: NOFE Sutton Primary School: SUTT
  • Where is my booking confirmation?
    The most common cause of this problem is a mistyped email address or we have gone to your junk email! If you have already checked these then please reach out to us on and we will look into it.
  • Can I pay via BACS?
    Yes! To make a BACS payment please use the following details. Fit4Fun Sports Dance & Fitness Limited SC: 090128 ACC: 38461922
  • Can I pay via credit card/debit card/Apple pay etc?
    Yes! To pay by any digitial methods please follow the instructions at checkout! Please note that by using these methods you will be charged a platform fee by Class4Kids. To avoid these charges please pay by BACS or Childcare vouchers.
  • What insurance do you have in place?
    Yes! We have public liabilty insurance and professional indemnity to the value of £5,000,000 & employers liability to the value of £10,000,000 as well as several other key areas of insurance including occupational personal accident, legal expenses and directors and officers liabilty.
  • Is Fit4Fun registered with Ofsted?
    Yes we are registered with Ofsted and our registration number is EY540835.
  • What qualifications and experience do Fit4Fun staff have?
    We take recruitment very seriously and at Fit4Fun all our staff have the following qualifications and checks in place. Safeguarding children Paediatric first aid Emergency aid Enhanced DBS checks (renewed annually) Minimum of level 2 NGB qualification or degree Experienced behaviour management systems Right to work checks
  • My child has allergies, illnesses or addtional needs. What do I need to do?
    If your child has an allergy/condition/illness that requires medication then you must inform us via email or text with the dosage and timings that it is to be administered. In the event Fit4Fun does not receive this information we will note that your child is able to self-administer their own medication (unless unconscious). Please ensure the booking form is up to date and relevent and you have informed the team of any important information before the start of the session. Furthermore those children who require medication will NOT be allowed into the holiday camp unless they have arrived on site with their medication to hand. Coaches will ask to see this before signing the child in.
  • Is it possible for my child able to walk home after a Fit4Fun club?
    For safety reasons, we strongly advise that children under the age of 12 be picked up by a parent or guardian after the club session. In cases where this isn't feasible, written permission from a parent or guardian allowing them to walk home alone is required. If such permission hasn't been provided, we will not permit the child to leave the session. The safety of our members is of utmost importance, and we are committed to taking all necessary measures to ensure their well-being.
  • What is your behaviour policy?
    To view our code of conduct please click the below link and read the PDF document.
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