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Sports Days & Festivals

Say goodbye to old fashioned and outdated sports events and allow Fit4Fun to implement a unique and carefully planned school sports day to sign off the summer term in style. By incorporating Olympic themed events such as javelin, shot putt, discus and triple jump we achieve a realistic, inclusive and competitive atmosphere and guarantee that children, parents and staff will have lots of fun whilst being fully involved. Our team will provide all the equipment you need, a detailed plan of action and ensure everything runs as smoothly as possible across the day. There is even a tug of war to finish! If you're still unsure check our testimonials here to see what people are saying about our fantastic sports days and festivals or alternatively visit our teacher training page here and let us show you how! If you are already taking advantage of our PPA & curriculum PE sessions or our afterschool clubs and extracurricular activities just email us to discuss adding a sports day to your programme.

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