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Conditioning One to One Football Training

I must say I love delivering these sessions!

After chatting to other coaches it's interesting to discover that they avoid working on a one to one basis due to the fact they struggle know how to engage the player without having team mates to set up a game at the end! As well as this I get the feeling that many coaches aren't confident enough to ask players detailed questions about how/when/where/why they do things which ultimately should be the foundation of any coaches session.

Personally if i can't explain to a child why we are working on certain skills/techniques then we shouldn't be doing them in the first place. In an ideal world I would love to see more of these things brought into youth clubs, schools and academies to bolster there learning and not just in football. Yes it would take more man power but the feedback, progression and rate of development is phenomenal.

Anyway here is Connor showing his enthusiasm, enjoyment and improvement in his footy skills! He is now able to receive on both sides of the body, discuss (as well as question) how everything we do relates to a game (specifically his position) and most importantly set his own goals and challenges.

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