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Fit4Fun @ Leeds United DC

Since returning to coach with LUFC we have made some really positive steps forward in a short period of time but the best night yet had to be the first game of the season last week against two local sides East Riding Rangers Red U7 & Wawne United U10.

After a group warm up and changing into our mini Leeds kit the U7 got the evening under way with some fantastic football both as a team and as individuals. Not to be outdone the U10's took to the field an hour later and two separate teams and they demonstrated their quality and composure against a good Wawne United squad.

With results being the least important part of the evening I couldn't be more proud of the players for the style of football they played and demonstrated to everyone who was watching and the feedback that has rolled in is incredible. The support from both sets of parents was great and it was a pleasure to meet the coaches from both teams. Fantastic to be a part of and looking forward to the U9 & U11 games tonight!

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