• Tom Farrow

Thanks from everyone at Fit4Fun

After probably the most frustrating term ever for pupils, parents, teachers and Fit4Fun we thought things were going to get worse this summer. Despite some mind boggling guidelines and 1000 questions (some still unanswered) we are so pleased and proud to have run our summer camps this year and we can only say thank you to everyone who has attended over the last 5 weeks. From a personal point of view I have enjoyed the resilience and professionalism of our entire team at Fit4Fun during tough times and from a business perspective I am relieved to have come out of the other side of things and now looking forward to getting back to coaching in the 2020/2021 academic year.

Whilst we try to find answers for the next 500 questions for private after school and breakfast clubs we are also busy trying to progress things with our new venture; Rumble Snacks. What started out as a moderate discussion 12-18 months ago has now turned into a reality and Leon and I are excited to be up and running with our new online store selling 100% natural flavoured raisins and cranberries in boxes of 10 or 20 around the UK (www.rumblesnacks.co.uk/shop).

Not only have we received a great rating from our local food hygiene agency and a fantastic report from trading standards we have also ensured all our packing is fully compostable and is posted directly to your door in a recycled cardboard box. Taking steps towards making better life choices has always been a fundamental goal of ours and we will continue to strive towards helping children achieve a good balance between sport, positive nutritional choices and environmental sustainability.

Long story short THANK YOU! If you are interested in trying a Rumble Box we have a 30 discount codes to be used with the code THANKS25 which can be applied at checkout to receive 25% off any of our snack range. Look forward to the feedback. Tom

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